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Voldemort Hole Notes


Keep WELL clear of pitch bases when there are people above - some of the walls and floors which don’t look loose are very loose, and large rocks can be sent down with little warning.


There is enough in situ rigging to allow a pull-through. Oliver Lloyd Aven can be pulled-through in two stages, with room on a ledge for several people to land carefully before pulling through the remaining 7m.

Whole cave, pull-through50m+65m
Ill Bill Aven9m20m1N/3F
The Incredibles15m35m + 15m1N/3F/2T
Heavenly Joys Aven10m2F
Oliver Lloyd Aven34m55m2S/5F(1D)/3T


Unindented items follow the main route to Notts II, while indentation shows offshoots and variations.

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