This site wouldn't be here without the kindness and generosity of a lot of other people.

I started this project to try and give back to a community which has given me a lot, so it wouldn't be complete without a few "thank you"s.

I've deliberately left any names out of this page (unless I've got explicit permission from the people mentioned) to protect anonymity where it is desired.

Firstly, to the CNCC, who've been an incredible source of training and resources, as well as for all of their other work including negotiating access arrangements.

To the creator(s) of the Braemoor site, which is another rich resource for cavers in the north. Their site was a large inspirational driver for me to commit to giving my own notes back to the community.

To the CRO, UWFRA, and rescue teams around the country for their time and dedication. We hope never to have to call on them, but are glad they're there should we need to.

To Bradford Pothole Club and the members who took me under their wings to help me begin to pursue caving in a safe and enjoyable way.